Feelings and Body Integration Exercise Class



WHEN: 3:30pm - 5:00pm 14 May 2022 – 25 Jun 2022

COST: $10.00

WHO: African Youth Initiative Centres

TICKETS: Eventbrite

A weekly class where you will learn a lot about your feelings and connect to your body areas where your particular feelings sit.

Bishop Laryea, your facilitator will guild all class members by using an Emotional Map chart, in which each person chooses which feelings they feel most stuck in and will engage in particular body exercises that will help you connect your body to your feelings.

A better connection between your feelings and your body allows you to identify exactly how and what you are feeling especially in stressful and 'emotional' situations. When we are able to identify our feelings easy and we are able to identify how we use our body to express our feelings, we gain better control of how we respond to others.

The end result of taking part in these classes will be that you will have a better relationship with yourself and with others around you.