Facemeat EP Launch


WHEN: 8-11.30pm – 21 Mar 2014

COST: $10


Facemeat, born in early 2013 in a fetid sewer in the depressed nether regions of Sydney to a single androgynous yak, is a superband featuring members of Sirens Big Band, The Bakery, The DLR, Lell Faulkland and more. Resting tales of the most abject facets of love and lust, middle aged self-imposed trauma and suburban ennui over restless, sickly rhythms, the music of Facemeat engages and then corrupts, whilst the desperate and manic rantings of the band’s violent patriarch, disgraced lawyer David Sattout, stomps an audience down to a dank, sullen torpor before launching it skywards towards sociopathic elation. No two shows are alike and Facemeat is as much vile pantomime as it is concert.

Having worked its way round the local bars of Sydney like a high school girl through a group of sports lads, Facemeat will launch its debut release at 107 Projects on 21 March 2014 as part of a tour along the east coast of Australia.