Fabels Album Launch


WHEN: 7.30pm - 12pm – 17 Jun 2016

COST: $10

This album launch will be a special atmospheric event with visuals by Jax.
First on the bill is Happy Axe from Canberra on violin, loops and saw. Haunting the fringes between electro-acoustic, experimental, and pastoral indie, Happy Axe uses violin, musical saw and vocals to create layers of sound that are beautiful, unsettling and cinematic. Organic instrumental sounds are melded with digital manipulation, looping and effecting, and when performing, sounds are generated live.

After that we are will see Andy and Jochen perform, ANDY RANTZEN & JOCHEN GUTSCH are a Sydney-based duo. Andy speaks while Jochen makes sounds. It's all a bit strange and disconcerting. This gig is the launch of their second EP which is released online by Tenzenmen records.

Fabels headline the night and will play some new sounds from their new album 'Hi". FABELS play pop music put in a blender with pedals looped with words. The duo consists of Hiske Weijers on bass, vocals, keys and loops, and Ben Aylward on guitar, vocals, and drum machine. Their music has been described as “atmospheric, beautiful and original… Their layering of sound on this album is like painting” and “seismic in sound and ambition, melding huge riffs with razor'd electronics. And it's extremely impressive” by TripleJ. Following several EPs and their acclaimed 'Zimmer' album, Fabels finally launch their second full album on this night.