Entropy Awakening



WHEN: Opening Night 6pm 5 Oct // 11am - 5pm Wed-Sat // 5 Oct 2022 – 17 Oct 2022


WHO: Travis De Vries, Marie Hadley

TICKETS: Opening Night

Art. Justice. Resistance. Transformation. Come celebrate the launch of Entropy Awakening at 107 Redfern St on 5 October at 6pm. An immersive multimedia experience of a world of First Nations sovereignty featuring the vibrant provocative works of Travis De Vries.

The winding down of energy. The spark of an idea. Resistance and transformation.

This multimedia exhibition presents provocative perspectives on anti-racism protest, agency, and First Nations futurisms. It traces Travis De Vries’ artistic expression from his graphic novel study Cook Falling (Tear it Down) (2019) to his recent digital artwork Entropy Awakening (2022), the product of an art/law research collaboration. Influenced equally by the revolutionary Gamilaroi superhero of Travis’ graphic novel and the symbolic effects of law in regulating the graffiti of statues of historical figures linked to racism during the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, Entropy Awakening is an immersive exploration of a world of First Nations sovereignty.

A collection of vibrant and powerful artworks, graphic novel extracts and multimedia visuals, Entropy Awakening offers a critical, and at times challenging, reflection on moments in time – a tearing down of a colonial monument, a defacement of a statue of a slaver, a demand for a regime change. These moments facilitate the telling of a much bigger, but also more personal, story. A story about the importance of dialogue in confronting and moving through colonial legacies. An actualisation of a future defined by First Nations sovereignty and individual agency.

Join us at 107 and experience this representation of hope, at a time of disorder.