Betty Grumble’s Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh!t (Vivid Music)


WHEN: 8pm - 10pm 14 Jun 2022 – 18 Jun 2022

COST: From $45

WHO: Betty Grumble

TICKETS: Humanitix

LOCATION: Eveleigh Works - 1/2 Locomotive St, Eveleigh

This show is a self-reflective, regenerative dive into the compost bin of making and moving. Bowing to the powers of Grief and Love Energy, Rage Energy, Hope Energy and F*ck Energy, Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh*t! is poetry, tribute, a rock n roll performance art collision, love scene and revenge fantasy. 

Hello Bodies! After a decade of playing within her spiritual access point and avatar – Betty Grumble – performance artist Emma Maye Gibson returns Grumble from whence she came, performing an unfurling of the eco-feminist seeping carapace that gave her a way to heal, feel and defy the damn enemies of grooviness that keep, her, them, you, all of us down.

Bowing to the powers of Grief and Love Energy, Rage Energy, Hope Energy & Fuck Energy, Gibson invites you to sit with and honour the legacy of makers, mentors, friends, lovers and ‘enemies’ that have formed an ecosystem of aliveness within the perils of eco-grief and structures that certainly no longer serve us.

You are invited into a sensual, surreal and sublime experience of an all singing, dancing, howling and loving cabaret du Sex Clown. An unshaming dance and a chance to allow ourselves to be seen. Will it be fun? Hell, yes!

WARNING: Strictly 18+

Energetic Considerations: Strobe, Incense burning, Loud music, Full Frontal Nudity, Death, Grief, Sex Scenes, Love energy, Rage energy, Discussion of Violence and sexual violence, Hope energy and more full frontal de-clothed body!

We acknowledge the power to be able to speak truth to power and invite you to take care of yourself and your stories within this work.