Embera Hoop Beading with Mami Watta


WHEN: Session 1: 10am - 1pm Session 2: 2pm - 5pm 15 Oct 2022 –

COST: $70

TICKETS: Register for Session 1, Register for Session 2

VENUE: 107 Green Square

In our workshops we use a thread and a needle and numerical combinations to get patterns formed by colourful tiny beads. With this technique we teach different forms of earring making; we create flower shapes, colourful waterfall (drop-style earrings) as well as flower rings. We also use looms to create bracelets, whether big or small.

Embera Hoop Beading Workshop

The Embera Beading is an ancestral way of beading practiced by the tribe in Colombia from more than 300 years ago. The tribe traditionally beaded seeds and other natural fibres until they were introduced with the modern day material of glass beads taken to them by European Colonial travellers. The tribe took these materials and explored with colours and shapes, and started creating magnificent artworks speaking of their connection with nature, their source of life.

When you book in to both Loom & Hoop Beading Workshops we are providing you a complimentary South American lunch

Materials Provided: Hoop earrings, short professional needles. All shades of the rainbow 10/10 glass beads imported from Czech Republic. Waxed thread imported from Colombia.
Lesson content: Teaching of a modern technique of beading hoops used in Colombia.
Finished product: All students will leave the session with at least one hoop beaded. Although we aim for the pair, the student can take the hoop, and needed materials home to finish.

We welcome and encourage all levels, techniques can easily be practiced at home.

Session 1: 10am - 1pm

Session 2: 2pm - 5pm