Ecstatic Play – Love’s Languages: Tantra & NLP for Singles


WHEN: 9.30am-5.30pm 10 Sep 2016 – 11 Sep 2016

COST: $350

This is a 2 day workshop exploring ecstasy, it's psychology, how to enhance it but also how to maintain your integrity when immersed in it. We'll deepen your relationship with your body, with your senses, with how you think and feel about pleasure and pain. We will change how you manage the overwhelming experiences of love, intimacy and the pains that can sometimes result when people turn out to be real humans with frailties and misunderstandings. All this in the context of the practical understanding and application of ritual. This is for anyone interested in relationships based on equality and power exchange through the solo practices for developing the sensitivities and reflection, contemplation, at the core of Tantra, Taoist, Kabalah and Buddhist practices... We will use the chakras and exercises of Tantra, techniques from NLP to bring the relaxed confidence of playfulness to your relationships.

The price covers the two days. Part or whole scholarships are available. Please contact Christopher if you are experiencing financial difficulties.