WHEN: 6–8pm 29 Oct 2015 – 8 Nov 2015


When we think of our home, we think of how we live, work, play, and the comfort we experience in our humble safe haven. But what happens when the delicate balance becomes interrupted? Citizens for the Arts (CFA), the Antagonist Art Movement and the Pool Collective’s latest project examines the hardships and the emotional ramifications of losing one’s home. Disasters in Mother Nature such as the typhoons, devastating earthquakes, violent storms are one component to this loss. Economic strains such as foreclosures and rent spikes, areas wrought by the sieges of war and protest are other examples that are all too familiar in the news. This project aims to strengthen awareness, and in turn discover alternative ways individuals can help one another in times of distress.

Opening Thursday 29th October, 6-8pm.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 8th November
Gallery open | Wednesday–Saturday 10am–5pm | Sunday 11am–4pm