Drunk Elk Album Launch


WHEN: 8-11.30pm – 30 Aug 2014

COST: $10

Drunk Elk | Knitted Abyss | Shebeen Queen

Drunk Elk are from Hobart, Tasmania, the three piece band have been in existence since 2009. Vocals/bass + guitar, these post-pop/punk rockers
return to Sydney to launch their fourth album 'Oceanus Procellarum'.

Knitted Abyss are an electro-pop duo from Sydney, featuring Lucy Phelan (NOTV, Half High) and Anna John (Holy Balm, Raw Prawn) Knitted Abyss create beautiful dreamscapes, in a sea of meditative rhythms.

Shebeen Queen are a Sydney post-punk duo, featuring Jessica Dean and Fenda Ashworth. Dark and confronting, heart on the sleeve poetic beauty.