Drawing Blood: Olympus



WHEN: 7pm – 19 Apr 2017

COST: $20/15

Drawing Blood looks back long, long ago to origins of the old gods. Back when giants and monsters walked the earth, and gods and goddesses meddled with everyday human lives.

Join us at Olympus at 107, Wednesday April 19th, as the dramas of gods and supernatural creatures unfold for your life sketching pleasure.

Starting from 7pm, our supernatural models will pose in various mystical formations for your life sketching studies, while our witchdoctor conjures atmospheric tunes to inspire, and a special performance to lift the spirits. Refreshments and potent elixirs available at the bar.

Bring your own satchel of magic tools – paper, pads, charcoal, pencils, inks, pastels, oil sticks, pens etc.

Entry $20 on the door ($15 for students, pension and non-workers).