Drawing Blood Occult Life Drawing: ‘Bizarre’



WHEN: 7pm – 30 Aug 2017

COST: $20/15 on door

For this Drawing Blood Occult Life Drawing there is a slight deviation in theme – and a very deviant theme indeed! We’re opening up the pages of the mid 1940s stunning and erotic fetish magazine ‘Bizarre’ by John Willie for this session’s life drawing theme.

Starting from 7pm, our life models will flesh out the fantastical illustrations and scenarios of Bizarre for a subversive evening of life drawing, while our witchdoctor conjures atmospheric tunes to inspire, and a special performance to lift the spirits. Refreshments and potent elixirs are available at the bar.

Bring your own satchel of magic tools – paper, pads, charcoal, pencils, inks, pastels, oil sticks, pens etc.