Drawing Blood – Gypsy Fortune Teller


WHEN: 7pm – 4 May 2016

COST: $15

Look deep into the crystal ball as strange but alluring shapes form in front of your eyes. Handsome women, beautiful men, enchanting art, haunting music and good fortunes lay ahead.

Want to find out more?

Come to the tent of 107 Projects Wednesday May 4 for Drawing Blood Occult Life Drawing presenting GYPSY FORTUNE TELLER as this month’s esoteric theme. Cross the door gypsy’s palm with silver and ALL shall be revealed that evening.

Do you feel your sketches lack spirits? Are your anatomical studies a little too scientific?

Have you wondered how to make your art appear more ‘otherworldly’?

Are you getting a little tired of the melodramatic virgin sacrifices at your local Satanic meet up groups?

DRAWING BLOOD – THE OCCULT LIFE DRAWING EXPERIENCE is here to fulfill all your artistic and mystical needs in one sacred spot.

At the temple of 107 Projects, come together on Wednesday May 4th to join hand to charcoal, and draw what visions appear before you. Starting from 7pm, our lovely models will pose in various mystical formations for your life sketching pleasure, while our witchdoctor conjures atmospheric tunes to inspire, and a special performance to lift the spirits. Refreshments and potent elixirs available at the bar.

Bring your own satchel of magic tools – paper, pads, charcoal, pencils, inks, pastels, oil sticks, pens etc. Limited easels and tables provided.