Drawing Blood: Church of Satan


WHEN: 7pm – 22 Feb 2017

COST: $20/15

Artists and esoteric travellers – Drawing Blood returns for more bizarre and mystical themed life drawing sessions in 2017!

Come to the dark side for the Drawing Blood life drawing ritual, when we enter the Church of Satan. However, this is no time to be sombre - we take you to the origins in the swinging 60s, when go-go dancers and beat poets all praised the dark lord, along to the tunes of Anton Lavey’s carny organ.

Starting from 7pm, our lovely models will pose in various mystical formations for your life sketching pleasure, while our witchdoctor conjures atmospheric tunes to inspire, and a special performance to lift the spirits. Refreshments and potent elixirs available at the bar.

Bring your own satchel of magic tools - paper, pads, charcoal, pencils, inks, pastels, oil sticks, pens etc.

Entry on the door ($15 for students, pension and non-workers).