Dramatic Encounters Between Theatre and Social Research


WHEN: 5.30-7.30pm – 24 Nov 2014


Pippa Bailey and Bronwen Morgan invite you to join them on a journey new to both of them: the place where theatre meets social research.

Is there a connection between economic crisis, environmental crisis, the role of women and the performing arts? Pippa is exploring a new ‘fairtrade’ model for making international theatre. The BiDiNG TiME project asks: What is the role of hopeful creative processes at this time of global crisis? How do we transition from existing structures to different ones? Can new creative projects help lead social change?

Bronwen is a socio-legal researcher, exploring creative economic initiatives that blend activism and social enterprise. As Bronwen watched, over the last year, the idea of a 'sharing economy' take root and then mutate in strange and marvellous ways, she read into Pippa's script a mirror of her research subjects' dilemmas.

Join us for a drink and conversation - about responding to climate change, theatre and performative social science; a meeting that points to the power of people and creative processes to transform perceptions, touch hearts and change minds.