Doctor Abernathy is Dead (Single Launch) + Marcus (Not Singing) + Gloomier (1/2 Hurtsville) + thousandfield (DJ)


WHEN: 7-11pm – 18 Feb 2017

COST: $10 on door


gloomier (1/2 hurtsville)
marcus (not singing)
doctor abernathy is dead
thousand field (dj)

Installations also by Alberto Avila Camacho.

Doctor Abernathy is Dead
A voice beckons with electronically crafted darkpop with flashes of acoustic guitar and the odd piano; synth sounds; bass sounds; breakbeats and jazz drumz; from mechanical to majestic; samples and samples and much feel.

“dead inside’ release links to be provided on or around 1 February.

Marcus (Not Singing)
Dark and heavy push and pull - electronicaaaaaaaah.

i-D says “Marcus Whale's solo production project offers a uneasy, breathless composition that would, ideally, be played exclusively in St. Peter's Basilica. If that's not available, a blood rave — or your headphones — will do. [song] ‘To Be Possessed’ features on the debut release of Sydney label Body Promise, Harmony From A Dominant Hue.”

Gloomier (1/2 Hurtsville)
Lo fi guitar progressions with a beat so you can cry while you dance.

thousandfield (dj)
Journeys. Spirits lift. Moves grooves elevate. Levitate.

Doors open 7pm, music at 8pm. Beer and wine will be served throughout. This is an all ages event.

$10 at the door (is the recommended donation for this evening of independent arts for your ears, eyes, and hearts).