Dislocated Registers



WHEN: 4 Apr 2018 – 15 Apr 2018


Registers quantify and organise the people and objects of civic society and place them within a logical and ordered context. A register is also a distinct way of communicating, to write and to speak in a way that makes sense to a particular audience.

In Dislocated Registers, Claudia Brand and Elyse Howe disrupt and re-order existing public and personal archives. Fragments of recollections spurred by the physical and visual are re-imagined within each artists schema of process. Merging the physical and the permanent with the psychological and the ephemeral— dislocating content from it’s original context and situating it in a space of ambiguity, where the audience may derive their own meaning or none at all.

Opening Wednesday 4th April | 6–8pm.

Continues until Sunday 15th April.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.

About the Artists

Claudia Brand (b. Canberra 1995), now a Sydney-based artist, is largely influenced by growing up between the US and Australia, as well as having South Indian roots in Malaysia. After two years studying Art History, Claudia started a BFA at the National Art School in Sydney where she is in her final year. She recently worked for artist Lee Mingwei as a performance artist at the 2017 Venice Biennale work: The Mending Project and the 2016 Biennale of Sydney’s Guernica in the Sand at Carriageworks.

Working from archives and habitually arranging and re-contextualising personal and public content, Claudia Brand is making sense of personal experience in the broader context of society and cultural identity. Creating spaces that lie somewhere between the actual and the virtual, Claudia plays on memory and perception. Her often optimistic exploration of mass media and the internet spurs non-cynical contemplation of collective exchange.This interest in the post-modern is mirrored in her challenging of heroic ideals of the institutional gallery space, through her choice of non-archival materials and installation practices that bring her work into the now, the everyday and immediate.

Elyse Howe (b. Perth 1986) is a Sydney artist in her final year of a BFA at National Art School. She has also worked in London and Hangzhou, China and participated in group shows and installations at Articulate Project Space in Leichhardt, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, and Ainslie and Gorman House in Canberra. The artist’s abstracted works of indeterminate spaces are concerned with the realm that exists between our collective and individual relationship with place, a precarious psychological territory where identity is formed.

Intrigued by the potential of the analogue image as an object of temporality, Howe aims to disrupt the cultural and institutional narratives tied up in the nostalgia of the medium through an abstraction of final form.