Digby & Friends: Three Brothers



WHEN: Opening Night 6pm-8pm Wed 17 January, Exhibition 11am-5pm Wed-Sat 17 Jan 2024 – 17 Feb 2024



Digby & Friends: Three Brothers at 107 Green Square is an exhibition of new works, showcasing the collaborative artistic journey of Neil "Birdhat" Tomkins, Glenn "Glenno" Smith, and Digby Webster, who have developed a close friendship through their shared love of art.

The story begins with Neil and Digby's initial collaboration, leading to their selection for the prestigious Archibald Prize, where they portrayed each other as "The Ernest Brothers," a connection rooted in their shared middle names, Ernest. 

Meanwhile in a parallel universe, Neil and Glenno were exploring artistic fusion in their show "Monsters of our Better Nature," where they explored a hybrid of their two, very different styles, and it proved, without doubt, the unique power of collaboration, friendship and making things fit where once they did not.

Glenno, known for his monthly art show/party at Beach Burrito Newtown, initiated the idea of a three-way exhibition, which was the beginning of a mutual appreciation society. Glenno and Digby started getting together once a week to create art, talk movies and basically have the sort of fun artists have when they get the rare chance. Another situation where two artistic styles, experiences and strengths were playfully re-arranged to make artworks produced out of sheer joy and throwing away most of the rule books.

The friendship and collaboration between the three artists will come together in the upcoming explosion of creativity which we are so thrilled to share with you at 107 Green Square: “Digby & Friends: Three Brothers”. The exhibition features an eclectic array of paintings, lino-prints, digital prints, illustrations, and multimedia artworks, showcasing both two-way and three-way collaborations, alongside solo pieces.