Deaf Queer Art Exhibition


WHEN: Opening Night 15/2 6PM | 15 Feb 2023 – 11 Mar 2023

COST: Prices Vary

TICKETS: Register Now

VENUE: 107 Green Square

This exhibition is a collaboration with d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing LGBTIQA+/Queer artists from all over Australia. Our exhibition celebrates the intersectionality and diversity of our community by inviting artists to contribute any work (previously created or made for this exhibition) of their choosing. The underlying thread that connects these works together are the artists behind them. Regardless of our individual experiences, there is a shared connection through the identity of being d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing/LGBTQIA+/Queer.

Amongst these fabulous artworks, there are glimpses of historical artifacts from the Deaf LGBTIQA+ community in NSW and varied states. These artifacts, primarily from the Deaf Gay and Lesbian Association NSW (DGLA NSW), are windows of unique insight into the rich and longstanding history of our community. It is a reminder of the perseverance of our organisation and community within the broader mainstream LGBTQIA+ community.