Dark Side of a Softy


WHEN: 4 Oct 2012 – 21 Oct 2012


Dark Side of a Softy' has been nearly seven years in the painting. After many years of exhibitions, Sydney based artist Paul Gilsenan took the opportunity to dedicate greater time to evolve his painting style. It definitely has paid off.. As Gallery Co-Director Al Nicol explains

"You still have the beautiful seas of colour, but now he's integrating his gorgeously engaging line drawing to explore a deeper narrative'

Gilsenan is also known for his alter-ego, Duckman who regularly stars in 'Sketch the Rhyme' and has undertaken various murals around Sydney. Most recently for a major commission from Woollongong University to produce a stunning 25m mural... elements captured in this great video 'The Paint Conductor'.

Paul has also said that he will marry his partner if he sells 20 paintings!!!

Opening Night Thursday 4th October 6-9pm
Exhibition Open Thursday - Sunday from noon - 5pm until Sunday 21st October