Dark Cinema 5.3: Odoyá & Marble Rain



WHEN: 8pm – 19 Apr 2019

COST: $20


VENUE: 107 Redfern

Odoyá is a multidisciplinary act exploring music, dance, capoeira, story telling, live visuals and traditional instruments. Tetê Maitê and Marina Da Silva reflect upon the past stories of the journey of the slaves from West Africa to Brazil through 3 performance stories. Definitely not one to miss - this act begins at 8:45pm.

Marble Rain is the amazing Foley and live music creation experience born through the creative collaborations of two incredibly talented artists. Miki Takahashi and Julien Mier combine the sounds of many every day objects to create music that is lush beyond imagination - this act begins at 9:45pm.

Independent contemporary dancer, Viola Iida, makes her appearance again with Marble Rain, setting the scene for one of the greatest collaborative acts this year. A master of subtle movements, uncanny expression and fluid improvisation, we welcome her back for her third dark cinema performance and second collaboration with Marble rain.

Finally on the visual side of things, Marble Rain will be performing among the currently showing exhibition paintings of Iro Kitamura and Nema Amen. Iro Kitamura will live draw in improvisation into the projection visuals - this 5 person collaboration is the climax of all the month's shows, and we hope to see you there!!!