Dante’s Inferno


WHEN: 7.30-9.30pm 21 Aug 2014 – 23 Aug 2014

COST: $ Unknown

Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’: English translation and music by Diego D. Bosco (A work in progress)
Translation in Noongar language: Yibiyang Roma Winmar - Narration by Bruce William Gilbert and Yibiyang Roma Winmar. With a guest appearance by renowned Bharata Natyam dancer Ishvari Devi

3 Performances:

21st, 22nd and 23rd of August at 7:30pm

Imagine yourself transported by the sound of the sea and the tale of a mystical travel, to the sensual beaches surrounding an island. Welcome to the Island. Welcome to Purgatory. In the words of the Supreme Poet written 700 years ago, beyond Hell lays an island in the Southern Hemisphere, where souls travel on a mountain path to reach redemption.

The central part of the Divine Comedy - Purgatorio - is notable for demonstrating the medieval knowledge of a spherical Earth and of a southern land. It is a vision of 'our' world filled with amazement at how human beings by having consciousness of their action can completely rewrite their destiny. It is a hymn to the true significance of human liberty and a vision of a possible world.

Diego Bosco, award winning music composer, classical guitarist and technologist has published 11 records in Australia and Europe of spoken word and music. He translated the central part ‘Purgatorio’ in English and has been performing it since 2000 in Australia and overseas.

Bruce Gilbert, actor, musician and fine artist acted in Australian cult movie ‘Bad Boy Bubby’.

Roma Yibiyang Winmar is the daughter of Yibiyang whose life has been the subject of a Belvoir St Theatre production, written by award winning aboriginal writer Dallas Winmar.

The production is complemented by a smart-phone and tablet application using geo-location and iBeacons (Bluetooth Low Energy layer) to interact with local businesses and show patrons. ‘Divine App’ will be downloadable from the Apple Store early in August and will be one of the first applications in the world and the very first in Australia to use BLE technology in entertainment.