The Constellations #5: The Earth with Grayson Cooke & Emma Walker



WHEN: 7-8.30pm – 11 Sep 2018



This year, in partnership with FBi Radio, DLUX MediaArts is launching a new program of discourse on art practices that operate at the intersections of science and technology.

The Constellations will begin to map the field of experimental, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and new media arts enquiry in Sydney and beyond, and provide a platform for discussing the issues that are driving artists and their collaborators in the research and development of new work.

We look into artworks that take on non-human intelligences, robotics, screen culture, virtual reality, new digital platforms, health and medicine, data, community and storytelling, as well as speculations on the future possibilities of art.

The Constellations will be available to audiences as both a series of live events held at 107 Projects, Redfern and as podcasts.

The Constellations focuses on collaborative practice, reciprocity and what motivates creative people across disciplines to work with each other towards shared goals.

Join us for the conversation and contribute to the next phase in the life of DLUX Media Arts.

This week: The Earth with artist Grayson Cooke & collaborator Emma Walker on 'Open Air'

"Open Air" is visual music, a visual setting of the 2013 album "Open" by Australian cult band The Necks. It is also a form of creative earth imaging; it combines timelapse Landsat satellite imagery of Australia, with motion-controlled aerial photography of the paintings and processes of Australian painter Emma Walker. Together, these two vastly different forms of aerial earth imaging combine to produce a complex picture of a changing planet.