Clowning for Performance: 8-week course



WHEN: 7pm-10pm, 14 Apr 2021 – 2 Jun 2021

COST: Full price - $455pp, early bird discount (until 1 March) - $265pp

WHO: Alicia Gonzalez from the Clown Institute

TICKETS: Book now

WHERE: 107 Redfern St, Redfern

Let's bring back the joy of performance!
The clown is at the core of the actor’s craft and they help us build an appetite to perform as you’re free to make courageous choices, fail and play and have an all-round wonderfool time.

Over an 8-week journey this class will focus on the creative tools for constructing and performing clown numbers for solo, duo and group cabaret and theatrical shows. We will embark on discovering your clown persona, developing a playful relationship with other clowns and increasing your sensitivity to the audience - a three-way conversation that is mega essential for the stage.

The goal of this creative clown laboratory is to create an atmosphere where it is possible to try out ideas, partnerships, comic structures all while being provided guidance for the creation and staging of acts.

You must be prepared for creative work outside of the class hours, between sessions. There will be an optional closed presentation in front of friends and colleagues at the end of the course.

During this course, the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given.
The clown’s logic, Reading your audience, Finding ‘the game’ on stage, Discovering & responding to ‘the Flop’, Costume creation, Solo, duo, and ensemble routines & act structures.​