Cine Lounge: How Most Things Work


WHEN: 7pm – 16 Dec 2016

COST: $12 + booking fee

Cine Lounge is back for a night of great film, drinks, authentic food, with the best company! Cinema is an experience shared by the community and in this spirit, we are bringing you the best in Latin American cinema to enjoy in the relaxed, communal atmosphere of 107.

Feature | Argentina 2015 | Fernando Salem | 93 min | Spanish with English subtitles

Stuck in a dead-end job as a tollbooth operator in the middle of the Argentinian desert, Celina quietly yearns for connection with the world outside as well as with the mother who left her as a child. When her father dies unexpectedly, Celina quickly takes over his job as a traveling encyclopedia salesperson, falling under the wing of veteran saleswoman Raquel and setting out on her first trip away from home—a journey of facing the mysteries of adulthood, of the beauty of unexpected graces, and of perhaps even finding what was once lost.

Tender but never sappy and rooted in a tremendous performance by newcomer Verónica Gerez, this engrossing debut feature from writer/director Fernando Salem recently won Best Director and Best Screenplay honors at the Mar del Plata Film Festival. Rich with humor and insight, How Most Things Work is a sharp and observant portrait of the pains and wonders of growing into oneself.

Argentinian empanadas will be available for purchase.