Cine Lounge: I Am Not Lorena


WHEN: 6.30pm – 29 Jul 2016

COST: $12

SLAFF believes cinema is an experience shared by the community and we have found a new ‘casa’ for these much loved sessions. In this spirit, we are presenting a selection of films showcasing the best in Latin American cinema at 107 Projects starting Friday 29th July. Great films, drinks and food in the best company!

Recently returned from recording his album in Chile, Pato Lara will kick off the night with an extra special acoustic performance.

Feature | Chile 2015 | Isidora Marras | 82 min | Spanish with English subtitles

Based on the real life experiences of director Marras, who for almost two years received calls trying to collect another woman’s debts, the film follows an actress who regularly acts as others, but who finds it difficult when another person acts as herself. Olivia’s identity is eventually put to question, by her surrounding as well as by herself, as this Kafka-esque tale of the horrors of bureaucracy, which has been updated to our era of digital technology, takes Olivia through Santiago’s murky streets and it's even murkier offices.

Chilean bites and empanadas will be available for purchase.