CDR Sydney Autumn Session


WHEN: 7.30pm – 28 Apr 2016


CDR Sydney Autumn Session - with special guest Compa (Deep Mehdi Musik)

CDR Sydney is back in April at 107 Projects offering music makers the opportunity to submit their own tracks then hear them played in a  over a superb soundsystem. Bring your latest creations on CDR or USB and we will do the rest. By getting a chance to publicly listen to their sonic works in progress, producers can identify any tweaks or development their songs could benefit from. They can also gauge people’s responses as well as discussing their tracks with others attending.

This session with are very excited to have Compa (Deep Medi Musik) coming down ahead of his show, presented by Big Ting Recordings and RPK (April 29th in Sydney) to give us the low down not only on his own production style, but also an insight into dubplate culture in the UK scene.