Caring More About Caring Less



WHEN: 19 Sep 2018 – 28 Sep 2018


‘Caring More About Caring Less’ is an exhibition exploring the cyclic nature of over-thinking and it’s resulting anxieties as you worry more while trying to worry less.

Harry Bayston blends gestural mark making with figures and text in a series of paintings both on and off the wall to represent and reflect on this paradoxical feeling. His works are used as a form of catharsis, turning thoughts into paint in an attempt to break this cycle of over thinking.

Opening Wednesday 19th September | 6-8pm.

Continues until Friday 28th September.

Gallery open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm.

About The Artist

Harry Bayston is a Sydney based artist whose expanded painting practice incorporates a combination of abstract mark making, figurative line work, symbolic imagery and text as a reflection and exploration of one’s life. From the excitements to the anxieties, personal to him but relatable to all growing up in this society of constant change.

Harry Bayston holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from UNSW Art & Design. His works have been a part of several group shows at galleries, such as Gaffa and Good Space. This exhibition at 107 marks a significant evolution of practice for Harry and his first solo show.