Cabin Pressure


WHEN: 7pm 19 Jul 2016 – 20 Jul 2016

COST: $20

Cabin Pressure is a new Australian comedy by Georgina Adamson, produced by the emerging theatre collective BiteSize Productions. Set on an aeroplane, it’s a quirky comedy exploring the trials and tribulations of sex and romance in 2016. Jack and Marie are a happy couple, or so they think. Their sharp-tongued flight attendant, Scarlet has other ideas. She resolves to save them with the help of her trusty relationship guide, Cosmo. Through eccentric wit, pop culture reference and (aeroplane) toilet humour, this show satirises concepts of gender roles in relationships. Piloted by director, Eve Beck, featuring passengers Madelaine Osborn and Ben Chapple and your flight attendant, May Grehan- Cabin Pressure is a turbulent ride which is sure to leave you soaring.