‘Up On the Roof’ by Bridget Kelly



WHEN: 24/7 – 30 Nov 2030

COST: Free

WHO: Bridget Kelly

Up on the Roof was inspired by the 107 rooftop garden and commenced over the summer of 2019 when much of the east coast of Australia was on fire. Bridget Kelly’s posca on wood artworks reflect her take on the world with her unique combination of colour and shapes within shapes.

The concept of shapes within shapes extended Bridget creative vision and applying Posca to the medium of wood has broadened her art practice and skills base. The site specific and visceral element of working in the garden enhanced her observational experience.

Artworks: Orion, Light Beams, View From Above, On Fire, Pollination, In Bloom, City Lights, Moon Bloom.



Bridget Kelly is an emerging Sydney based artist, working in the mediums of drawing, painting and screen-printing. Ever since she was a fresh-faced tween, art making has been an ongoing passion and a powerful form of communication for Bridget.

Now a little older, but still fresh-faced, Bridget receives individual lessons and mentoring with the Artist and Educator Linden Braye, and is a founding member of Studio ARTES Inner West. In 2018, Bridget won the Emerging Artist Prize category in the Blooming Arts Exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery. The prize was a mentorship to Sydney College of the Arts to study print media. Bridget has recently graduated from Sydney University audit program within Uni2Beyond, where she furthered her visual arts education.