Boho Interactive – Games Night



WHEN: 6-8pm – 22 Mar 2022

COST: Free

TICKETS: Register here

Can you safeguard a city against heatwaves?

Save your family and outrun a tropical storm?

How about guiding the Olympic Women's Water Polo team to gold?

This is your chance to prove it.

Science-theatre collective Boho Interactive presents How to Manage a Disaster: Complexity in the 21st Century, a night of games and conversation. We'll be running games from our recent projects, including collaborations with ANU's School of Cybernetics, The Lowitja Institute and the Earth Observatory Singapore.

Come grab a drink, play some games, and talk about the future.

Boho is a collective of Australian artists and game designers.
We create interactive performances and games exploring concepts from systems science, complexity theory, resilience thinking, game theory and network theory.

We work with scientists and research institutions including Australia’s CSIRO, University College London, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Earth Observatory Singapore.
Boho presents games, workshops and performances for businesses, conferences, museums, festivals and theatres. Since forming in 2006, we have presented works across Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore and China.