Black Ink: Huda The Goddess & Reuben Lewis vinyl launch



WHEN: 6:30PM – 17 May 2024

COST: $25

TICKETS: Register Now

VENUE: 107 Redfern

Welcome to Black Ink, an open mic platform rooted in Magandjin/Brisbane, designed to uplift Black African artists and provide a nurturing space for BIPOC creatives. At Black Ink, we cherish artists, their craft, community, and personal development. Join us for an enriching experience where diverse voices converge in a supportive atmosphere. Whether you're a poet, musician, or storyteller, Black Ink invites you to share your unique perspective and connect with fellow creators. Save the date for an inspiring evening of artistry and camaraderie.

The inaugural Sydney event is set to unveil the official launch of the "Story of Another Soul" vinyl. This extraordinary occasion brings together the remarkable talents of Huda the Goddess and Reuben Lewis, fusing poetry with the enchanting melodies of jazz. Expect an evening filled with captivating journeys, where the synergy of words and music will inspire moments of stillness and profound conversations. Prepare to be moved as your soul embarks on a transformative experience through the artistry of these two remarkable talents.


Our opening act for the night is Nyaluak Leth, a poet hailing from South Sudan, channels her experiences into captivating verses that transcend boundaries. Her words, like a symphony of emotions, challenge societal norms and explores the complexities of identity and human connection.

Huda Fadlelmawla (aka Huda The Goddess) is spoken word poet, educator, and community activist. She is proud African women who aims to represent black Muslim women in the poetry scene through sharing her experiences to allow other young women like herself to see just how much is possible. Huda was the Australian Poetry slam champion 2021. Alongside being a two-time QLD poetry slam champion. She published author and the founder of ‘Black Ink’ a local Magandjin based BIPOC open mic. And founder of ‘She Is’ a local all women BIPOC exhibition.

Reuben Lewis’s practice is both singular and eclectic. As an award-winning trumpeter, composer, improviser, bandleader and producer he has refined a diverse electro-acoustic language that has been lauded as “a vivid listening experience that gleams with sinister detail” (The Wire). Devised through trumpet alongside live processing with pedals and laptop, his music aims to play on our expectations and unravel all semblance of familiar form, and in doing so seek to create a new musical narrative that is “beyond category” (The Australian).