Betty Grumble: Love & Anger (or Sex Clown Saves The World Again!)



WHEN: 7pm – 7 Jul 2017

COST: $20/15

TICKETS: Trybooking

This is an ongoing womanifesto, call to arms, party, protest and long hard kiss from surreal showgurl, obscene beauty queen and sex clown - Betty Grumble. The award-winning, head-spinning Betty Grumble brings the premiere of her new work to her hometown of Sydney. Witness her ecosexually charged flesh riot ritual of dancing dissent, disco and deep push back-ery. Where pleasure is a radical act and the body a bloody love letter. Prequel or sequel Grumble desires you to come within for her mantric wish of LOVE AND ANGER (or Sex Clown Saves The World AGAIN!)

This is the first showing of this new work and your attendance, support and feedback will go directly towards the artist's ability to Grumble on. Grumble believes in Sydney's distinct arts sensibility and is proud to be an ambassador for Sydney's defiant Love Energy across the oceans.

Love & Anger is set to be shown in London, Berlin and Edinburgh Fringe.

Post show Grumble encourages lovers to continue the night down at Addison Road Community Centre for the Flamboyance Fundraiser!