WHEN: 2.30pm-4.30pm – 10 May 2015


Base-metal is a new platform for performance art. It is an opportunity to come together and realise how diverse, strong and interesting performance art practice is in Sydney. It enables us to ask questions, share knowledges and support experimentation.

For this first gathering Base-metal hosts a roundtable discussion and sharing in the cafe at 107 Projects. To get the conversation we will talk about some recent performance art events, The 2nd Venice International Performance Art Week December 2014 and Enduring Parallels at the Lock-Up in Newcastle November 2014.

Base-metal aims to provide a gathering place and connection point for artists working in performance art within a local, national and international framework. It endeavours to contribute to a wider conversation and seeks to work in a responsive manner with similarly aligned platforms. It is committed to supporting performance art as a dynamic and mutable medium and looks toward broadening the perceptions of performance art, its permutations and its place within the contemporary art environment.

At this point in time, Base-metal does not reside in a physical space. It will inhabit and activate sites and spaces when needed.