Banquet in the Gallery


WHEN: 7-11.30pm – 26 Nov 2016

COST: $150

Of Beauty Rich and Rare artists Matthew Aberline and Maurice Goldberg are delighted to announce chef Marty Boetz is creating an amazing banquet set in the gallery surrounded by their art! Marty's collaboration at Long Grain made their Asian - European fusion famous, and now he runs the Cooks Co-Op, focusing on growing and cooking fresh local produce from the Hawksbury. This fabulous meal will be partnered with Girt By Sea wines from Voyager Estate Wines.

He promises a feast to be shared with many friends, and but also promises the unexpected - his own work has now evolved to a farm to plate experience where freshness and abundance are key ingredients!

The meal and wines is $150 including GST.

The banquet supports Yalari - a not for profit charity that helps bright outback Aboriginal kids get good secondary educations - and helps them be leaders in their communities.

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