Astral Skulls


WHEN: – 7 Nov 2015

COST: $10

Astral Skulls is releasing his debut album, Contact:Light, October 31.

Party starters Holy Balm headline the Sydney launch on Saturday November 7 at 107 Projects, and the night will be kicked off by Australian music royalty Jude McGee and the Somnambulists (featuring members of Pel Mel).

Astral Skulls will be performing in duo mode for the first time, and playing the album in full.

Contact:Light will be available on the night on 180gm vinyl and CD.

Set Times:

10:30pm HOLYBALM 

9:30pm Astral Skulls

8:30pm Jude McGee and the Somnambulists

"The combination of guitar and synth here creates a 16bit platform for monotone vocals to create an interesting cross section of New Wave marching nihilism and postmillennial hypercolour movement and beats. The end result? An anarchic drumbeat of postpunk that bubbles more than boils, made for cassettes to jam into your Commodore 64. More, please."

"Dark electronic pop delivered by Astral Skulls with beats so crisp they could cut butter and a deadpan monotone delivery of sadness. So very, very excellent."

"The result is somewhat equatable to sitting in a corner in space, turning it into your bedroom and hibernating, being enthralled and lulled by shooting stars, questioning the possible existence of alien life, and questioning your own..."