Artist Run World



WHEN: 6.30-7.30pm – 9 May 2019

COST: FREE (RSVP Required)


What would an artist run world look like?

Imagine if artistic courage was a guiding force in the policy arena. What sort of cities could we build? What sort of housing, health, schooling, agriculture, transport or data governance could we put in place?

In the lead up to the federal election, join us for a feisty conversation about voting for a world fit for artists and culture makers.

Hosted by Bek Conroy (NAVA) with guest conversationalists: Ange Abdilla, Alex Wisser, Bec Dean, Jehan Kanga, Jess Cook, Louise Crabtree and Nadeena Dixon.

Jehan Kanga

Dr Jehan Kanga is a commercialisation specialist with KPMG, and a multi-disciplinary scientist, working on supporting the development technology for social impact. He is also a former artistic director and creative producer - who has collaborated with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts India, The Song Company & CuriousWorks.

Louise Crabtree

Dr Louise Crabtree is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Culture and Society​ at Western Sydney University. Her research focuses on the social, ecological and economic sustainability of community-driven housing developments in Australia; on the uptake of housing innovation in practice and policy; on complex adaptive systems theory in urban contexts; and, on the interfaces between sustainability, property rights, institutional design and democracy.

Bec Dean

Dr Bec Dean is a curator, writer, educator and consultant with a background in photomedia and performance art. She has worked for multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary contemporary arts organisations in Australia since 1996 and has been curating interdisciplinary and experimental exhibitions and producing events for two decades working at senior levels with such organisations as Performance Space, Australian Centre for Photography and PICA, among others. Currently she is at National Institute of Experimental Arts (UNSW) working on The Big Anxiety festival​ (2019). Her recent independent curatorial project, The Patient: The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art (2016-2018) has just finished touring.

Alex Wisser

Alex is one of co-directors of Cementa Festival​ which he cofounded in 2013 in the regional NSW town of Kandos where he now lives with his family. Previously Alex was director and founder of Index gallery in Newtown. When he is not making big things happen in small towns, he is a working photographer specialising in art documentation, event photography and photojournalism.

Jess Cook

Jess Cook is a Sydney based Creative Entrepreneur and Community Engager. She is the Managing Director and Founding Member of 107 Projects​. She thrives on collaboration, curiosity and adventure. Her passion and playfulness drive her love of using creativity to build stronger communities.

Angie Abdilla

Angie Abdilla is a Trawlwoolway woman from Lutruwita (Tasmania), who lives on Gadigal lands (Sydney). Angie works across culture, research, strategy, and technology, using Indigenous cultural knowledges to inform service design, deep technology and placemaking for both the public and private sectors. She is the CEO and founder of Old Ways New​ a company of Indigenous technologists and designers that works through Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Pattern Thinking for emerging technologies including robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Angie is a Fellow of The Ethics Centre and is also an acclaimed film director and producer of immersive documentary film and cross-disciplinary arts works.

Nadeena Dixon

Nadeena Dixon​ is a Wiradjuri, Yuin and Gadigal (Dharug -Boorongberigal clan) multi-disciplinary artist incorporating textiles, short video, photography and animation. Nadeena has a postgraduate degree in Indigenous Arts Management (VCA) In 2016 Nadeena founded Murra Murra(make – do – create) an independent Indigenous arts and cultural company with a passion for empowering all Australians with the opportunity to connect with Indigenous peoples, Cultures and Arts Practices.

Image: Warakurna Superheroes #5, 2017 © Tony Albert, David C. Collins, Kieran Smythe-Jackson / Copyright Agency, 2019.