Armour Day 2017



WHEN: – 5 Aug 2017


A day of collaboration and connection for artists to partake in Creatives Resilience Training
and/or engage in our ARMOUR discussion panel with guests from the arts, health and community sectors. Includes:

Creatives Resilience Training
10am – 12.30pm

An introductory workshop by Dr Mark Seton PhD, founder of Resilient Vulnerability© and director of Sense Connexion.

This workshop is for creatives who no longer want to disconnect or numb themselves in order to take the edge off the often harsh world that awaits their creative offerings. Mark introduces skills and strategies around presence, perception, preparation, process, partnership, perspective and playfulness to generate wisdom to deal with the challenges of self-care, trust, boundaries, shame, perfectionism and foreboding joy. The goal of Resilient Vulnerability© is to empower creatives to become more sensitive and resilient risk-takers.

Dr Mark Seton is Creative Director of Sense Connexion, and is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at The University of Sydney. He was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2009 to conduct a study tour of actor training healthcare practices in the UK. Arising from this study, the Equity Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, initiated a ground-breaking Actors’ Wellbeing Study (AWS) in 2013. Mark has been a co-founder of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare and is currently a member of its Executive Committee.

Armour Discussion Panel
1pm – 3pm

Grab a cuppa tea and join us for an afternoon of musing, investigation, and information sharing with a cohort of industry professionals gathered by Self Help Arts.

Our guest panellists include:
Dr Mark Seton PhD, Educator and Consultant, Sense Connexion; Josh Rosenthal, Head Counsellor of The Cabin Sydney, Addiction Services; Dean Walsh, independent artist and choreographer; Kay Armstrong, multidisciplinary independent artist; and Annie Maynard, actor.

We’ll be investigating:

  • The correlating risk factors between the arts and addiction
  • Finding balance when managing millions of tiny little jobs, and looking after ourselves when there is no work
  • Navigating the arts industry, including the pressure to self-promote and producing foyer banter
  • Ploughing through the field with pre-existing mental health challenges
  • Explaining ourselves to the world when people ask, “Well if it’s so hard, why do you do it then?!”

And more. Join us.

Self Help Arts is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, the NSW Government through Create NSW, The City of Sydney, and Accessible Arts NSW