Armour: Artists’ Mental Health Alliance


WHEN: 6-8pm – 3 Aug 2016


We invite you to join us for a series of monthly meetings addressing the arts and mental health. A necessary discourse for current times, with multiple theories, articles and memes flying around the universe – but no one point of offline community discussion! ARMOUR is this space.

Bringing together artists, guest speakers, industry professionals, and community practitioners, ARMOUR seeks to start bridging the divide between arts practice, and sustainable methods for supporting mental health in our industry.

Wednesday Aug 3 | MUSING: The Myth of the Tortured Genius: Is it really expected I will cut off my ear??

Wednesday Aug 31 | DEFUSING: Separating Art from the Personal: Life Imitating Art and Vice Versa

Wednesday Oct 5 | FUSING: Integrating Self Care Practice into the Creative Process

Wednesday Nov 9 | BOOZING: And Other Such Coping Mechanisms

Wednesday Dec 7 | CHOOSING: What Face Do I Put On Today?

Presented by Self Help Arts
Supported by Arts NSW, The Australia Council for the Arts, 107 Projects, and Accessible Arts NSW.