Armchair Apocalypse


WHEN: 3pm – 4 Oct 2014

COST: $ Unknown

As part of Art & About Sydney (

Rock Surfers Theatre Company is coming to a lounge room near you


Turn off the TV. Shut down the computer. Rock Surfers Theatre Company is coming to a lounge room near you – maybe even yours! The Rock Surfers are stepping out of their Bondi theatre and into homes, with three new shows across the Art & About festival. The choice is yours – throw open your front door and play host, or invite yourself to a stranger’s home for an intimate night of theatrical antics, music and storytelling.

In this very special event at 107 Projects, Rock Surfers Theatre Company are bringing Armchair Apocalypse to the arts and community lounge room of Redfern, 107 Projects, for one event only.

Cait Harris – Worth Her Salt

Cait Harris is an unstoppable force of character. In this collection of characters, Harris inhabits some of her favorite colorful and quirky characters from the far corners of the globe (and Potts Point) as they grapple with life, loss and tape worms. Weaving these stories through those of her own life, Cait creates a patchwork quilt of a show that is simultaneously hilarious and heart and gut wrenching.

Recommended for ages 15 years and over – contains adult themes and coarse language.


Producer: Rock Surfers Theatre Company

Writer/performers: Cait Harris

Creative Producer and Dramaturg: Phil Spencer

Producers: Michael Brown and Kristal Maher