Angie “Shyness” LP launch w/ Knitted Abyss, Spike Vincent + Table



WHEN: 7-12pm – 26 May 2017

COST: $12

TICKETS: Presale

Launching "Shyness", Angie will be presenting the LP with Angie on Piano, Lawrence Hall on Acoustic Guitar, Spike Vincent on Electric Guitar, and Tristan Price on Percussion.

The following supports will play on the night: Knitted Abyss, Spike Vincent and Table.

Continuing the thematic and instrumental questions brought up by Free Agent (released in 2015), Shyness presents a series of compositions formed in and around a grand piano. The record presents quiet moments, improvisations tied down, and an almost folk sensibility centered by piano, acoustic and electric guitar. Recorded by Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) the work moves between Satie-esque piano pieces towards Tangerine Dream melodies executed on electrics and through to the more contemporary quiet songform of Cat Power or Nico.

Shyness will be presented on 12″ vinyl and digital format through Rice is Nice & DERO Arcade on March 24.

Knitted Abyss is the long-running yet casually intermittent collaboration between Anna John (Holy Balm) and Lucy Phelan (Lucy Cliche, Half High). Together, Anna and Lucy piece together strange, loose, somewhat-minimal yet dense songs using guitar, synth, drum machine and vocals. This pair moulds the kind of song that sits somewhere between Marine Girls, Chrome and other stuff you can't quite put your finger on. Pop for the apocalypse.

Nic Warnock (Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Exotic Dog, Ruined Fortune, Phone, RIP Society) is TABLE. This project mostly concerns exploring rhythmic electronic music with no particular time period or style in mind, but with an affinity for early-ish Severed Heads, Footwork, Hieroglyphic Being and Alan Vega. Table uses modular synthesizer, drum machine, field recordings etc to create untamed, exploratory but kinda ~groovy~ music.

On 'Shyness':

"kinda sounds like if Stevie Nicks recorded a downer folk album with Neil Michael Hagerty on guitar, in a rundown New Mexico motel" - Wilfred Brandt

Flyer by Jack.

Live Sound by Toby Baldwin.