Alex Cross + Simo Soo + Body Corp


WHEN: 8-11.30pm – 12 Dec 2014

COST: $10

ALEX CROSS is a lounge singer/internally conflicted wage slave whose muscular corporate synthpop strikes a perfect balance between synergy and self-hatred. In between project deadlines he drags his two-man band out of the darkest corners of the accounts payable department and puts on shows self-described as "disruptive".


SIMO SOO is a rapper, a punk, a producer, a goddamn mermaid. When not bringing the noise like a non problematic GG Allin, Simo Soo can be found making incredible Simo Soo merch, eating pizza and patting puppies. Simo Soo shows are an exercise in the physical, the transcendent, the hyper genderless sexual expression of an artist with no intent in pleasing those who do not fuck with Simo Soo. Soo released 4 EPs in 2014, a new album comes early 2015.


BODY CORP is the alias of Sydney-based musician Marco Vella, who plays in local 4 piece act Retiree. It's exactly the heady tropical soundtrack you need for a private party on the Baie d'Audierne with Michael Milken and Max Headroom.