Advanced Scene Class



WHEN: 6:30PM 8 Feb 2024 – 14 Mar 2024

COST: $495

TICKETS: Register Now

VENUE: 107 Redfern

Receiving the news that you've landed a role is undoubtedly a high point for any actor. However, as the initial excitement settles, the question arises: What now?

Guiding you from the first read to opening night, acting coach Mike Booth offers a practical, step-by-step approach to scene rehearsal. Consider this your actor's gym, an opportunity to consistently work on world-class texts. Paired with a scene partner at the course's outset, Mike will guide you to overcome blocks, inspire dynamic choices, understand script analysis, and nurture your continuous development at a professional level.

The culmination of your journey is SCENE NIGHT on Thursday, 14th March—an opportunity for a live performance in front of an invited audience at the charming 107 space in Redfern. There is no better opportunity for growth as an actor than to perform in front of a live audience. It's where mistakes become happy accidents. It's where the actor brain kicks in and deals with the moment. It's where the actor realises there is nothing actual to fear. For an acting class to offer regular live performance opportunity is unique to the Sydney Actors Playhouse.

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Please note - This class is for actors who have completed the Fundamentals of Acting course and/or have demonstrated a high level of experience. For enquiries, please contact Mike at

Mike Booth is a teacher, director, writer and actor with over twenty-five years' industry experience. He trained at the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York, Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago and the Impulse Company in London. He has worked extensively in the Australian film & television industry and been a prominent figure in Sydney’s independent theatre scene. He recently performed with Sport for Jove in their sell-out production of Timon of Athens at the Leura Shakespeare Festival.