66 Meetups


WHEN: 6-9pm – 13 May 2014


66 Meetups - Meet. Connect. Grow

Imagine not just making a living from your creative skills, but building a thriving business on your own terms! 66 MeetUps is a quarterly event program for entrepreneurs in the creative industries. The events are designed to provide insight into the start-up business world including the tools, support and information that can help designers and artists build strong, viable, creative businesses.

This year we are sharing the strategies and tools used by successful tech start-ups. Why? We believe our most successful artists and designers are already implementing such strategies.

On May 13, we kick off with "The Minimal Viable Product" - a philosophy that can help you plan launch strategies for new products, new ranges and even new creative businesses. We invite you to come and meet successful local designers, including Henry Wilson, talking about their experiences.

Let's get together over a drink and have a conversation about better ways to do business at 107 Projects, Redfern.