Mountain Mates


WHEN: 7 Dec 2016 – 18 Dec 2016


We, Caoife Power and Douglas Schofield are ‘Mountain Mates’, and have devoted our time together by walking up the highest peaks, studying the strange shapes and labouring over tough terrain. We acknowledge the lands authority, giving us the directions to move.

We have taken this time together to create a mountain of colour. This could be a metaphor for a journey, a political statement, or a need to reach great personal heights. Complicated and definitive, unique and ambitious, we hope our work shares a way of navigating strange environments.

Our work aims to evoke a story, expressive and colourful, ready to be shared. We hope it will be welcomed by those who have felt, however vaguely, the fascinations of the land.

Opening Wednesday 7th December | 6–8pm.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 18th December.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.


Caoife Power: My current practice is about finding a playful way of engaging in the environment around me. I visualise a conversation between surfaces, between the flat ground and the layers of marks that sit on top. Influenced by the process of a digital painting, I find a new language for pulling together these opposing surfaces, placing one layer over another. I aim to find a new way of experiencing a space, and offer a future where we can more freely walk through.

Caoife Power is an emerging artist based in Sydney, currently completing a B Fine Arts/ B Arts (English) at UNSW Art and Design. Her practice is multidisciplinary, operating predominantly within painting. She has exhibited at Kudos, AD Space, Cell Block Theatre at NAS, Gaffa, Skyfire Studio, and was a finalist in the Yen Female Art Award and the Kudos Art and Design Award.

Douglas Schofield: Humans are growing increasingly distant from Nature. This gulf has been widening rapidly since the Industrial Revolution. Currently my practice strives to present images of Nature that fuel positive feelings in the viewer regarding this underappreciated connection. To conjure a space where questions can be pondered and ideas posed. The natural environment is my source of inspiration, leading to colourful abstract landscapes imbued with personal experience and memory of place.

Douglas Schofield is an emerging, Sydney based artist, studying a Bachelor of Fine Art at UNSW Art & Design. His work expands over painting, printmaking, and ceramics. Douglas has been exhibited at Gaffa, 541 ArtSpace, AD Space, Kudos, AirSpace, Create or Die, Monster Mouse, and was a finalist in the Jenny Birt Painting Prize and the Kudos Art and Design Award.