50/50 Festival


WHEN: 31 Jul 2014 – 3 Aug 2014

COST: $ Vary

107 hosts the 50/50 Festival featuring four of Sydney's foremost new music groups, the NOW now, CDR, Tin Shed Spots and Pretty Gritty. The festival will run from the 31st of July - 3rd August, with each night curated by each new music group. 50% of the door takings will go to the performing artists and 50% to help raise money for a new sound system at 107 Projects for all to enjoy! There will be a bar open each night so come down and enjoy a beverage and take in some sounds ranging from acoustic intricacies to house shaking electronics.

NOW now
The Splinter Orchestra
Cor Fuhler & Finn Ryan
Nick Dan
Laura Altman, Romy Caen, Shota Matsumura & Jeremy Tatar

31st July, 7PM

CDR Sydney returns with a bumper Open CDR edition, broadcast live on Bondi Beach Radio!The CDR sessions are about new, unreleased music. Whether you are signed, unsigned, world-famous or, as yet, undiscovered, we play only music that you have made and brought along on the night. CDR is the future sound of underground music.

1st August, 8PM

Tin Shed Spots
Works of experimental music and abstract performance that address technology, process and its abuse, liminal experience, algorithmic creation, spatial audio and noise. If it's in the spirt of experimentation then it's in the spirit.

Daniel Blinkhorn
Mannheim Rocket
Alexander Whillas & Steffan Ianigro
Evan Dorrian & Oliver Bown

2nd August, 7PM

Pretty Gritty #8 - pop implosion
Pretty Gritty #8 presents slippery songs from digital divas and divos (yes that is a term). Scissor Lock channels pop ecstasy delivering a micro-stadium experience; GoldModeL mashes noise into song structures for a grinding romp; hz give us four on the floor in a clash of dance beats and misty vocals; and Jacqui O’Reilly cannibalises her early folk output to create dreamy ambientronica.

Scissor Lock
Jacqui O’Reilly
3rd August, 5:30PM