107 Presents: Rooftop Music Sessions



WHEN: 5-9.30pm 9 Jun 2017 – 17 Jun 2017

COST: $10

TICKETS: General Admission

In partnership with Vivid Music, 107’s Rooftop Garden is your destination for a hidden local adventure this Vivid Sydney. Experience an introduction to Sydney’s independent music culture with six nights of experimental sound, electronica and beats curated by The NOW now, Pretty Gritty, Ears Have Ears, Electrofringe, Bare Necessities and Sydney Now’s For Folk Sake. Expect the unexpected and close encounters with artists in a raw and intimate setting.

So come on in and discover creativity in its natural habitat. You're all welcome!

Friday June 9: The NOW now

A night of electro-acoustic phenomena and spontaneous composition. Featuring a remarkable series of concert/ performances and installations including wrapped concert rooms, pitch-black solos, and solar panels a ame. Artists include Alexandra Spence, Andrew Fedorovic, Shota Matsumura and more.

Saturday June 10: For Folk Sake

Don’t Folk around - come on and get the folk down for a night featuring some of Sydney’s best musical storytelling talents, from folk to alt. Artists: Swamp Fat Jangles, Brian Campeau, Nic Cassey & Friends and eüsh.

Sunday June 11: Pretty Gritty

On dark winter nights, you can hear the universe singing! For this special Vivid edition Pretty Gritty presents a magic evening of performances and installations nestled amongst the greenery! Come up to the rooftop of 107 to watch the stars and (g)listen. Featuring Reuben Ingall (performance), Alex White (performance), Melanie Herbert (performance/installation), Michaela Gleave with Amanda Cole and Warren Armstrong (installation), Samuel James (installation).

Thursday June 15: Electrofringe

Leave your tinfoil hat at home and allow Electrofringe to share with you the electromagnetic future ideals and disturbances of Diaspar, a futuristic city controlled by an all encompassing ‘A.I.’— The Central Computer in the 1956 Arthur C. Clarke novel The City and The Stars. Featuring Sydney’s most exciting technology-infatuated sonic talent: Laura Hunt, Liam Bray and Steffan Ianigro, Ensemble Mongrel and Kimberley Bianca a.k.a Disaster Girl.

Friday June 16: Ears Have Ears

FBi Radio’s multi-award winning experimental music program Ears Have Ears invites you along to witness the first in it’s brand new live soundtrack series. Ears Have Ears Soundtracks features brilliant, never before heard soundtracks paired with moving images, performed by Angela Goh, Andrew McLellan, Austin Buckett and Monica Brooks Ensemble (feat. Prophets, and Broads to Men Choir). Make sure you don’t miss this intimate cinematic performance event!

Saturday June 17: Bare Necessities

Born out of a shared love for global bass music, frantic percussion and street party vibes, Bare Necessities began as a radio show on FBI Click hosted by Sydney musicians Klue, Sam Z, Ribongia, Vuli and Moody. Special guest Ayebatonye.