107 Presents: Ears Have Ears Soundtracks (SOLD OUT)



WHEN: 7-10pm – 16 Jun 2017

COST: $10

TICKETS: General Admission

Join FBi Radio’s multi-award winning experimental music program Ears Have Ears for a night of new audio-visual works by innovative Sydney musicians, sound artists and dancers. Ears Have Ears Soundtracks features brilliant, never before heard soundtracks paired with moving images, performed by Angela Goh, Andrew McLellan, Austin Buckett and Monica Brooks Ensemble (feat. Prophets, and Broads to Men Choir). Make sure you don’t miss this intimate cinematic performance event!

Doors open 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Programme Details:

'Cavitation' by Angela Goh and Andrew McLellan

What can you put in a box to make it weigh less? A hole; or equally, a loop-hole. The box gets burnt - lost - something - someone puts a society of ants inside it and they eat it away from the inside. Ants tunnel with their mouths - orifices - cavities to make cavities. No disappearance, the box disperses, weighs less but reaches further.

Musician/sound designer Andrew McLellan and choreographer/dancer Angela Goh present a new work titled Cavitation, imagining sound and image in conversation, like answers that tunnel through the inverse spaces of riddles. Dispersing, weighing less, but reaching further. Like the feeling of floating up until the surface of the cities are crawling with a society of human-like ants.

Monica Brooks Ensemble

Monica Brooks Ensemble will create an alternative bastardisation of the soundtrack to The Seventh Seal - a 1957 Swedish drama-fantasy film written and directed by the legendary Ingmar Bergman. The cinematic classic will be screened in black & white and soundtracked by Prophets, and Broads to Men Choir and of course, Monica Brooks.

Harking from the Blue Mountains, Monica Brooks is a musician working in both improvised and composed worlds of music. Currently focussing primarily on solo piano and composition for large vocal ensemble, Monica is also part of Sydney-based swill-and-sing quartet Women’s Auxiliary Choir, as well as one third of German-Australian minimalist improvisation trio Great Waitress.

'Tutorial' by Austin Buckett

Austin Buckett’s ‘Tutorial’ is an instructional soundtrack on how to write film music. Composers amplify our emotional reactions, signalling when and what to think and feel. Music serves as an emotive cue. Examples can be found on IMDb.com:

‘The 25 best emotional movies’
‘The Intense, The Powerful, The Gripping....(A totally different cinematic experience)’ ‘Emotional movie's which will make you cry…’
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‘Most emotional movies’
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’Sad / Emotional Movies That Make You Cry’
‘Intense and Emotional Movies That Make You Think’

Austin Buckett is a composer and artist developing performance works, audio-visual installations and audio releases that explore standardised approaches to composition and production with a focus on repetition.

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Image credit: Liam Cameron