107 Presents: Diaspar



WHEN: 5-10pm – 15 Jun 2017

COST: $10

TICKETS: General Admission

Electrofringe is proudly and loudly curating a night of experimental and emerging artists to showcase their exciting works in the Vivid Music series at 107. The evening provides a glimpse into the world of Sydney’s most exciting technology-infatuated sonic talent.

Laura Hunt is a mixed media and sound artist whose work speculates about the plausible futures of a techno-spiritual, post-capitalist union. Liam Bray and Steffan Ianigro create biologically inspired sonic landscapes, using artificial neural networks and modular synthesis. Ensemble Mongrel’s intermedia performances celebrate cultural diversity in poetry, music, and image — fusing analog and digital technologies. Electrofringe Artistic Director, Kimberley Bianca a.k.a Disaster Girl, will be VJ’ing content collected from an open call out submission through www.electrofringe.net.

So leave your tinfoil hat at home and allow us to share with you the electromagnetic future ideals and disturbances of Diaspar, a futuristic city controlled by an all encompassing ‘A.I.’— The Central Computer in the 1956 Arthur C. Clarke novel The City and The Stars.

107’s Rooftop Garden is your destination for a hidden local adventure, experience an entree to Sydney’s independent music culture with six nights of experimental sound, electronica and beats curated by The NOW now, Pretty Gritty, Ears Have Ears, Electrofringe, Bare Necessities and Sydney Now’s For Folks Sake.

Laura Hunt

Laura Hunt is a mixed media artist creating works concerned with how electromagnetic fields and cyber sharing networks affect biology and the way we ingest spirituality. Hunt’s current project is electronic music that allows listeners to improve themselves—becoming healthier, powerful and better with women.

Liam Bray and Steffan Ianigro

This work explores the creative possibilities of using computers as musical companions, challenging the way we think about music and technology. Liam Bray uses neural networks to drive live modular synthesis, while Steffan Ianigro triggers rhythmic events to generate sound—creating interesting sonic textures and structures.

Ensemble Mongrel

Ensemble Mongrel presents an immersive new media environment of live electronics and video. Four distinct works comprise this multi-movement, interactive performance. Mongrel presents a collection of abstracted themes using various data streams, to create an emotive meditation on the death and destruction of the familiar in our world.

Disaster Girl

Emerging from the weight of a collapsing intergalactic civilisation, Artistic Director of Electrofringe, Kimberley Bianca (Disaster Girl) treks the universe exercising creative powers of interactive software, alt-music, and high-tech visualisations to breakdown the hyper-industrial system. Kimberley will be remixing videos from an open call submission on the concept of a post-singularity future.