107 Garage Sale



WHEN: 11am - 5pm 3 Aug 2023 – 5 Aug 2023

COST: Free

VENUE: 107 Redfern

We're running out of space, and we need your help! For the first time ever 107 is having a garage sale to help make room for more residents in our venues. Plus all funds raised will go towards 107 and our social impact programs that help support our community to live creatively.

There will be furniture, commercial kitchen equipment, business and office equipment, and other goodies we have collected over the years. What hidden gems will you discover?

Want to contribute to the 107 Garage Sale? Regift high quality items to 107 and help fund our social impact and creative programs! Drop your items in to 107 Redfern during business hours from Tuesday 25th July - Friday 28th July. Not sure if we want what you've got? Shoot us an email: enquiries@107.org.au