Meet Jen Noorbergen Joynton Avenue Creative Centre manager & newest 107 team member! Interview Meagan O’ConnellImages Syrenne Anu If you see Jen around Joynton Avenue Creative Centre be sure to say hi! You can also get in touch with your ideas about what you’d like to see on the Joynton Avenue program … Read More


Newtown’s ‘Three Proud People’ Mural restored thanks to Cultural & Creative grant Words Amy Willing Painted in 2000, just in time for the Sydney Olympics, the Three Proud People mural on Leamington Lane has become a valued part of the Newtown community. The mural depicts three figures at the 1968 Olympics… Read More


My Community Projects: Vote Now! To vote, simply head to  My Community Projects have officially gone live for voting, which means that right now you can choose from a number of different initiatives suggested by members of the public to help improve the wellbeing of your local community. We’re… Read More


Stop, listen, think: What I learned from Clementine Ford Words & Images Fay Edwards First Image: Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2018 by Anggara Mahendra Not too long ago, this 27-year-old gal casually told her mum that “being female suited her”. This comment could have been met… Read More


Kick-start the New Year with Eklecto Mini Festival As we get set to head into a break, four 107 locals are already working behind the scenes to bring you our first big event of 2018: Eklecto Mini Festival. Eklecto is the brainchild of bar manager Jeremy Thomas, Hack Sounds producer Liz… Read More


A visit to Joynton Avenue Creative Centre Images James McDonald A couple of weeks ago we had a site visit to see the progress on Joynton Avenue Creative Centre, the new space that 107 will be operating in Green Square. The building is set to open early next year and… Read More


Redfern End of Days Exhibition Documentation by Campbell Henderson Redfern End of Days was an exhibition of paintings by James Stephenson held from 10th May 2017 – 21st May 2017. Redfern End Of Days is a series of plein air paintings depicting the life of the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy,… Read More


Shit Talk / Real Talk 13 April – 30 April 2017107 Window Box The 107 Window Box curators believe that art should exist as a dynamic part of its local social ecosystem. Ariel Ruby’s practice explores a range of materials and subjects, often employing ethnographic strategies to… Read More


The New Plot Words Amy Willing Developed by Actors Centre Australia & 107. 29th March – 9th April 2017 107 Projects and Actors Centre Australia (ACA) launched The New Plot in 2016, a new development award for Australian Playwrights. The initiative was created to foster professional development for writers and… Read More


Lachlan Herd’s Bioshperes  Words Sean MaroneyImage Andrew Perić The NOW now is a semi-regular festival of experimental and Lachlan Herd’s work, Biospheres, is in the window box until Sunday, April 9th. Sydney’s CBD sparkles with cash and its suburbs abound in red-bricked gold. It is a city narcissistically obsessed… Read More


Here’s why we’ve opened a co-working space (and what you can do there) Words Amy WillingImage Paul Van Kan The Social Space is open as a co-working space from 11am, Tuesday-Sunday. Closed on Mondays. Our co-working space is free, but chuck a donation in our box and we’ll be extra grateful. We’re a… Read More


Blak Mirror  Blak Mirror was curated by Jason Wing, a Sydney-based artist who strongly identifies with his Chinese and Aboriginal heritage. Exhibition Dates: 18 Jan 2017 – 29 Jan 2017 Blak Mirror was an exhibition featuring emerging, early career, regional, local and interstate multidisciplinary artists reflecting their view of Australian society… Read More